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The name, "ARQUITECTURAM47" has its origin in the direction of the first study, located in an office building in Bilbao Alameda Mazarredo # 47, aware that the Essena source of identity we decided to adopt the "M" of Mazarredo and the number in that part as novel Architecture Studio.
v We were established in the year 1999 in C / Cosme Etxebarrieta # 7 Local Interior, becoming the first permanent venue for this study.

This change resulted in the complete turnaround in the development of projects, establishing us as a company.

This concept led us to continue to develop as architects and as a company, understanding that we owe it to our customers and it is they who have to move our concerns in the best way possible.

Towards provide better service in the year 2007 we decided to make another change, more ambitious if possible.

In June 2007, we switched from Local to acquire one of higher dimensions. We currently occupy a singular building of 130,00m2 on the ground floor and mezzanine 28,00m2.

The address remains as inside the premises is still on the same street and number, we change on the outside.